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Staff from Barnet to cleanup Colindale

Staff from McDonald’s restaurants across the borough of Barnet will embark on a mass litter pickup and street tidy campaign in Colindale on 23 September, and are appealing for members of the community to join them.

Over 40 staff from McDonald’s restaurants in Colindale, Neasden and Cricklewood will embark on a four-hour cleanup to pick up litter and remove graffiti on Colindeep Lane, Colindale Avenue and some of the streets off Colindale Avenue, including Sheaveshill Avenue. The team at the restaurants are keen to involve the local community in the cleanup campaign which will help to enhance pride in the area.

McDonald’s restaurants in the borough already conduct litter picks at least three times a day to pick up not only McDonald’s packaging, but also any other litter. However, the forthcoming campaign in Colindale will be on a larger scale and in partnership with the local community. McDonald’s has already approached community organisations to get involved and information leaflets are being distributed to customers at restaurants to encourage them to do the same.

Speaking about the campaign, Atul Pathak, franchisee for McDonald’s restaurants across Barnet borough said: “We wanted to come together as a group to help make a real difference to the appearance of local environment. Litter and graffiti are unsightly and we hope this activity raises awareness of our collective responsibility to help keep the area clean. The cleanup is also a good opportunity to work in partnership with our neighbours and get to know them better.”

Members of the community who would like to donate some of their free time, no matter how short, to the cleanup activity should contact Michael Frost at McDonald’s on 0798 456 2249.

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