Appt Corporation is an authorised franchisee of McDonald’s

Southall McDonald’s hosts a visit from the youngsters of St Ann’s School

Appt Corporation was delighted to welcome some of the young people from St. Ann’s School, a secondary special school in Ealing for youngsters with learning disabilities, to its Southall restaurant.

The trip was part of the ‘Ealing Borough Specialist Careers Cluster’ project, where Appt Corporation has joined in a partnership with Business Education Events to give a large number of children a greater understanding of the work place.

As part of the visit, the McDonald’s Team Members in Southall spoke to the students about what it takes to be a McDonald’s employee, with some important tips on maintaining eye contact, smiling at customers, engaging with customers as well as the need to constantly be learning and adapting.

Even more exciting for the children was when they were given a tour of the restaurant and shown the kitchen, where they were able to gain a better understanding of how McDonald’s works as a business….with the added bonus of making a McFlurry which they then got to eat!

Atul Pathak, Managing Director, said: “I hope the youngsters gained as much from the experience as we did from meeting them. It was a real pleasure to have spent an afternoon with them. For me it was wonderful to see all their enthusiasm as they learned about what we do as a team.”

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