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APPT Corporation Ltd – Modern Slavery Statement 2021

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires certain organisations to develop a slavery and human trafficking statement each year. The slavery and human trafficking statement should set out what steps organisations have taken to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in their business or supply chains.

As a Joint Venture Partner of McDonald’s UK, at Appt Corporation we conduct our activities in a manner that respects human rights as set out in The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We do not use any form of slave, forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labour. We do not engage in human trafficking or exploitation, or import goods tainted by slavery or human trafficking. We support fundamental human rights for all people. We will not employ underage children or forced labourers. We prohibit physical punishment or abuse. We respect the right of employees to associate or not to associate with any group, as permitted by and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


This statement is published in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act. It outlines the approach Appt Corporation takes with McDonald’s to prevent modern slavery in our business and associated supply chains.

In accordance with the practices of McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, Appt Corporation endorses McDonalds’ first Modern Slavery statement published in July 2017. As a Joint Venture Partner, we have continued to deepen our understanding of the risks of modern slavery and ensure we have practices in place to respond to that risk.

Modern slavery is unacceptable within our business and associated supply chains. We have a responsibility to respect the rights of people who work for Appt Corporation, and to do business with suppliers and business partners that respect human rights for their respective employees. We recognise there is no single solution to human rights issues, which is why it is critical that we engage with all of our stakeholders.

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