Appt Corporation is an authorised franchisee of McDonald’s

Masterclass on Franchising

Atul hosted a franchising masterclass at the British Library’s Business and IP Centre on 25th June.

The masterclass was aimed at those already running or preparing to run a franchise business and was part of the Business and IP Centre’s series of ongoing events to support entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. During the masterclass Atul shared how he has been able to grow his business, from establishing his first McDonald’s restaurant at Southall in 2003, to operating a twenty-strong McDonald’s restaurant group across north and north-west London employing over 1,500 people; all through McDonald’s franchising model.  Using his own experiences, Atul covered the key aspects that every budding franchisee should consider when buying into any franchise business including the importance of a solid business plan, measuring performance, planning for future growth and the value of customer research.

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