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Colindale McDonald’s Hosts Local Family Activity Day

The McDonald’s team at Colindale spent the day in costumes hosting a family fun day for local children to enjoy. The McDonald’s branch transformed into a fun playground where young customers could enjoy painting, story writing and taking part in a colouring competition, whilst enjoying their meals with their families.

Atul Pathak, local franchisee of the McDonald’s restaurant said: “McDonald’s is a place for families and I’m proud of my staff as they continue to deliver exceptional customer service to all of our customers regardless of age.

“It’s always special seeing the smiles of my young customers enjoying the time they spend with their families whilst enjoying their meals. It’s why I ensure that my staff make all of my McDonald’s restaurants as open, fun, friendly and welcoming as possible so that we can continue to see happy faces eating our Happy Meals.”

The family activity day was such a success, it will run as a continuous programme for the foreseeable future.

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