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Atul Pathak supports relaunch of Southall’s Acorn House College

Acorn House College in Southall was relaunched on Saturday 2nd September and Atul Pathak, Appt Corporation’s Managing Director was there to help kick off the new academic year.

He joined various members of the college’s governing body and the local community, as well as local MP Virendra Sharma to relaunch the college on behalf of the Regent Group, the college’s new proprietors.

Atul was amongst those who gave a speech at the event to talk about the positive impact the college is having on the education of the community’s children.

Atul’s offices are close to the college and takes a keen interest in the community of Southall believing that enhancing educational standards is hugely important.

In a live interview with Sunrise Radio, Atul said: “Education is an important part of any community, so I wish the very best of success in getting this college to great heights and standards.”

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