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Atul Pathak Community Awards and Ealing Street Pastors: One Year On

30 June 2015:- A year on from being one of the first recipients of the Atul Pathak Community Awards, the Ealing Street Pastors are celebrating a great year for the charity.

Since receiving the award a year ago the Ealing Street Pastors, who listen, care and help on the streets of Ealing Borough late on a Friday or a Saturday night, have been able to commission seven new Street Pastors to go out on patrol. This has enabled the charity to increase the number of monthly patrols from an average of five to seven as well as extending their help to handing out foil blankets to those who are street homeless.

Last year the charity received a financial donation from the awards of £1000 and access to additional support from the McDonald’s franchisee over a twelve month period including the use of McDonald’s facilities in Ealing, Acton and Southall.

Sophie Schuil-Brewer, the Co-ordinator for the Ealing Street Pastors, said: “Having received vouchers for the McDonald restaurants in the areas that we patrol, our street pastors have been able to use the restaurants during their patrols for a well earned rest, especially on the cold and wet nights.

“Being in McDonalds helps us meet more people as the street pastors will chat with customers and staff, providing a positive and comforting presence late at night.

To go out every Friday night across the Borough of Ealing to listen, care and help and so increase our presence further, we need more funds to help attract and train volunteers.”

Ealing Street Pastors

If you think you can help please go to the website or contact  Follow on Facebook Ealing Street Pastors or Twitter @EalingStPastor.

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