Appt Corporation is an authorised franchisee of McDonald’s

Appt Corporation Nominated as 2017 Constituency Responsible Business Champion

Appt Corporation has been nominated by its local MP Virendra Sharma as his 2017 Constituency Responsible Business Champion, which celebrates the achievements of local businesses that demonstrate corporate responsibility.

As part of this recognition, Appt Corporation – which is based in Southall – will also be put forward for consideration amongst other MPs’ nominations for the APCRG National Responsible Business Champion award 2017. These nominees will be short-listed by a Parliamentary judging panel and the winner will be announced at a reception held on 22 November 2017 in the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster.

The Constituency Responsible Business Champion award was set up by the All-Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group (APCRP) in order to promote the importance of corporate responsibility within local communities.

Atul Pathak, Managing Director of Appt Corporation said: “I am very proud that Appt Corporation has been put forward for this award. I am hugely appreciative of all the hard work Virendra Sharma does for our constituency and to be recognised by him is a great honour. I am looking forward to exploring how Appt Corporation can enhance its corporate responsibility even further and contribute even more in the local communities we serve.”

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